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Your guide to buying eyeglasses online

As long as you do not have a very complicated prescription, you won’t find it hard to buy eyeglasses online for a very affordable price. When the time comes to buy a new pair, you probably won’t get a good deal at a regular store because their prices are too high. It, therefore, makes more sense to shop online where not only the prices are low but the selection is also much more vast and impressive.

Get your latest prescription
The first thing you need when shopping online for your corrective vision eyewear is your latest prescription. Depending on the state in which you live, you will need a prescription that meets the guidelines of your state. Normally, you can get a copy of your prescription from your optician or eye doctor who must provide you with a free copy even if you are not planning on purchasing your eyewear from them.

Get your PD measurement
Besides the prescription, you also need to know your PD measurement. This is the measurement between the center of each pupil. This measurement is crucial if you want your lenses to be properly centered on your pupils. Wrong centering means you will suffer from eyestrain and you also won’t be able to focus your eyes properly.

Pick a suitable frame
The next thing you need to do is pick a suitable frame. There are all sizes and shapes to choose from. You need to find out what shape suits what face type and then pick according to your facial structure. Also, you need to make sure you buy a frame whose size is in proportion to the size of your face.

What lenses are best for you?
After choosing your frames, you are ready to proceed with buying eyeglasses online. This means you need to determine what lenses are best for your vision problem. After you have chosen your lens material, you need to pick an appropriate lens coating. The thing to keep in mind is that every add-on that you choose is going to add to the cost of your eyewear. So, only opt for the add-ons that are absolutely necessary for you.

Different lens materials
There are different lens materials to choose from including polycarbonate and Trivex. In addition, you can also go with High-index plastic lenses but these are costlier and only good for those who can afford the price. Progressive lenses are also an option worth checking out, especially if you don’t want to invest in bifocals or even trifocals. These lenses are cosmetically more attractive and they also make it easy for you to see objects at a distance as well as close-up.

How to adjust the frame?
Once you have chosen your frames and lenses as well as lens coating, you need to address another issue facing those who are thinking about buying eyeglasses online. This is how to adjust your frames if they do not fit right the first time. The best way to adjust your frames is to take them to an optician. There are many online sellers that partner with local stores to offer you adjustments in person.
Last but not least, you should only buy your eyewear online from a trustworthy and reputable site. Be sure to take a close look at the site’s return policy and warranties and also check feedback from previous customers. Unless everything measures up, you should not buy your eyeglasses online from a dubious seller.